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Let our family help your family by showing them the key to solving their transmission concerns. Our family has been serving the Baton Rouge and surrounding areas since 1968.

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Services Offered:

  • Automatic & Standard Transmission Rebuilds, Repairs & Overhauls
  • Standard Clutch Repairs
  • Computer Diagnostics
  • C.V. Joint Repair & Replacement
  • Preventative Maintenance - Installation - Parts
  • Correction Calibration Kits
What Your Vehicle Has to Say About Baton Rouge Transmission Repair Service

Just like the human body which needs a regular medical checkup and occasional workout to keep it in shape, your vehicle requires some preventive maintenance work and actual repair jobs to keep it in tiptop condition for driving and transport. It has already sent you some subtle hints whenever it eats up a lot of fuel, coughs up some emissions, sends feelers through some unusual noise, fails to step up when you step on it, slows down multi-tasking you to and fro, and then decides to take a rest A qualified Baton Rouge transmission repair service will make sure that you and your car understand each other well. They’re master at what car care, maintenance, and repair are all about. They’re the best people to consult whenever you need some auto problems auto-answered in a language you can understand. They’ll deliver your need for high quality service, efficient engine performance, and customer-oriented personnel.

Baton Rouge Transmission Repair Service: High Quality Service

The mission of a skilled Baton Rouge transmission repair service is to deliver an accurate analysis and repair of your transmission problems through a combination of computerized diagnostic equipment and trained technicians working together. With a Baton Rouge transmission repair service you wouldn’t encounter a trial-and-error method or any roundabout costly way of fixing things, the very thing car owners try to avoid but end up with in attempting most DIY auto repair jobs. Their definition of ‘quality’ is not just ‘getting it right’, but getting it right the first time. A professional Baton Rouge transmission repair service can detect and diagnose transmission problems precisely and do the necessary repairs correctly. This turns out as a valuable advantage that can take care of the problems and prevent costly repairs in the future. Do away with pointless recurring repair jobs that only cost you more money but never really fixes the problem. The services for both manual and automatic transmission vehicles are priced reasonably and competitively. They are also covered by a warranty.

A knowledgeable Baton Rouge transmission repair service will start off with a free consultation for potential clients either online, through a call inquiry, or via a walk-in visit. For a closer and thorough evaluation of your vehicle you can set up an appointment. Expert technicians with years of experience in transmission and auto repair services make the diagnosis effective, honest and informative. This well-reputed team will help you stay within your budget by initially providing you with a cost estimate on the transmission repair service to be done based on their diagnosis without the worry of charges adding up and accumulating as the work progress.

Baton Rouge Transmission Repair Service: Efficient Overall Performance

When a knowledgeable Baton Rouge transmission repair service gets to work their main focus is on what your car needs. You’re always assured of the finest workmanship whether it’s just a routine preventive maintenance job or a minor adjustment in your car. Routine jobs like checking a slipping transmission, changing the fluid or detecting leaks are all small but very important jobs designed to keep your transmission operating smoothly. And all these services can be handled carefully and promptly while you wait.

There are many parts of a vehicle that are interconnected. If you ignore routine maintenance or symptoms of possible problems you can be heading for some serious problems. Gears which are hard to shift, power steering which is defective, and tires which need to be replaced, balanced, and aligned are some of the minor problems that can affect the performance of your transmission. For your own personal road safety, all these things need to be taken care of immediately. Not just for safety but also to conserve transmission, suspension and the wear and tear of engine. It’s important that if you suspect problems that you follow up with your Baton Rouge transmission repair service.

Be alert for potential transmission problems. That wet spot under the front of the vehicle may be nothing more than the condensation from the air conditioner, but on closer examination if it looks like more than just clear water you might want to have the vehicle checked. An oily red spot may mean a transmission leak. Having signs of trouble checked out by a skilled Baton Rouge transmission repair service as soon as you notice them can save you money and make sure that your car doesn’t conk out and leave you stranded on the road. By avoiding expensive repairs you’re only concern will be with routine maintenance checks and tune-ups to keep your vehicle in good running condition. Gear yourself towards stress-free situations that can help keep your life as smooth as your ride.

Transmission Repair Service: Best Customer Care Staff

You’ll be dealing with professional, courteous staff that will do their best to answer all of your questions during your consultation sessions. You’ll be receiving a frank and honest assessment every time, whether it’s just an adjustment, a minor repair needed, or a major problem that needs to be addressed. Only certified technicians who are highly skilled and experienced will be handling the job of transmission repair of your vehicle. Skilled Baton Rouge transmission repair service technicians are familiar your car’s history, track record, and transmission state. Their rapport and honesty will make you a loyal client for life. With your joint efforts in caring for the car, its value could only increase in your eyes and in those of your family’s, as well as in that of your potential buyer’s when you decide to resell. When the time comes, expert opinions and experiences will be at your service.

If you wish your car to take care of you then you must first take care of it. Even if other family members drive the car, you’re assured that your loved ones will be in safe and steady hands, as well as on safe and steady wheels, courtesy of a professional Baton Rouge transmission repair service. It’ll be a huge mistake to compromise on the performance and safety of your vehicle. Your car is giving you a hint. Take it and discover how your car can best serve you.


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"I am an outside sales rep for a trucking parts company. I carry heavy loads at times. I had both of my truck transmissions rebuilt by Transmission Service connection. One now has 367K miles and is still going strong. The other truck has 132K miles on it and is also going strong. I would like to say, you can take your vehicles to Transmission Service Connection with confidence that you will receive quality service."

Bob C. - Baton Rouge

"I would like to thank John and Michael at Transmission Service Connection for a quality job on my 2005 Dodge Diesel Dually. Just as they did on my EBR Sheriff unit when I was a deputy. "

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"We have been using Transmission Service Connection for 10 years. They have always done a great job and been very fair with their prices. I do not hesitate to recommend them for your transmission needs. "